We are not accepting any applications for Empanelment of Assessment Agencies.
Operational Team

S.No. Name Designation Contact No./Ext. Email Id PSSC Email Id
1 Mr. Vinod Behari Chief Executive Officer 9873767899/101 vinodbehari14@yahoo.co.in ceo@psscindia.org
2 Mr. V.S.Saxena Senior Consultant 9868549000/102 vs_saxena@hotmail.com, vswarup.saxena@gmail.com vssaxena@psscindia.org
3 Mr. A.K. Bhagat Head (Research & Marketing) 9899887064/103 akbhagatin@yahoo.co.in akbhagat@psscindia.org
4 Mr. Prakash C Jain Head (Certification & Quality Assurance) 9818686896/104 prakashcjain@yahoo.com pcjain@psscindia.org
5 Ms. Sandhya Nadesan Exe. Asst to CEO 9971091221 pssc@cbip.org sandhyanadesan@psscindia.org
6 Mr. Birendra Kumar Yadav Accounts Officer 9650020785/106 birendra.azh@gmail.com birendra@psscindia.org
7 Mr. Jagat Singh Office Secretary 9650991987/100 jagat_singh@hotmail.com jagat@psscindia.org
8 Mr. Sarbinder Singh Alag Manager 9810908163/108 alag1954@gmail.com ssalag@psscindia.org
9 Mr. Rajat Singh Technical Officer 8410000848/107 rajat.singh_911@gmail.com rajatsingh@psscindia.org
10 Mr. Karthik Nair Technical Officer 7042208603/107 nair.karthik93@gmail.com karthik.nair@psscindia.org
11 Mr. Khushal Mathur Technical Officer 9461031300 khushal.mathur4@gmail.com khushal.mathur@psscindia.org
12 Mr. Rai Randhir Prasad Regional Co-ordinator (Bihar) 9582214600 rairandhir12@gmail.com rrprasad@psscindia.org
13 Santanu Kumar Rath Adviser (Odisha) 7381064177 santanu.k.rath@gmail.com