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(A Tech Initiative of PSSC)

About PowerUp

The launched of the PowerUp program by the Power Sector Skill Council will mark a significant step towards revolutionizing education in the power sector. The program will offer affordable certification courses, real-time industry exposure, and insights from seasoned experts, positioning it as a beacon of innovation and practicality. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, it will empower students and aspiring professionals with invaluable knowledge and skills, paving the way for successful careers in the dynamic power industry. With its commitment to quality education and an industry-driven approach, PowerUp will not only enrich participants’ learning experiences but will also propel them towards a future of growth and excellence.


The mission of PowerUp is to revolutionize power sector education, offering affordable courses with real-world industry experience. Bridging academia and industry, it equips learners with practical skills, empowering them for successful careers in the evolving power sector.

Key Benefits

1. Real-World Insights
2. Job Ready
3. Skill Enhancement
4. Career Clarity
5. Innovation and Adaptability
6. Networking Opportunities

Why Choose PowerUp

Real Industry Exposure: The PowerUp program provides firsthand experience in the power sector, allowing participants to gain practical insights and real-world knowledge from industry experts.

Affordability: The course offers high-quality education at an affordable price, ensuring that valuable skills are accessible to a wide range of students and professionals.

Expert Trainers: Experienced industry professionals serve as trainers, sharing their practical insights, trends, and best practices, enhancing the learning journey.

Career Advancement: Successful completion leads to certifications that add credibility to resumes and open doors to lucrative job opportunities in the dynamic power industry.

Bridging Academia and Industry: PowerUp bridges the gap between academic learning and industry needs, equipping participants with relevant skills for a successful career transition.

Experts from esteemed organizations


Course Overview

The "Advanced Power System and Industry Immersion: A Comprehensive Skill Development Program" is a 5-day specialized course designed for B.Tech candidates in electrical engineering. It offers in-depth industry exposure through lectures, case studies, and industry visits. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of power systems, including generation, transmission, and distribution. They learn about different power plants, system components, and practical operations. Case studies allow for practical application of knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Course Duration-5 Days

Joining the PowerUp certification course is a straightforward process

Step 1. Registration
Step 2. Course Selection
Step 3. Payment
Step 4. Confirmation
Step 5. Accessing Course Materials
Step 6. Learning and Interaction
Step 7. Assessment and Certification

Course Fee

>> Online Rs. 3000/-
>> Offline Rs. 4500/-

Eligibility Criteria

B.Tech candidates currently pursuing or having completed their studies in electrical engineering.

Registration Process

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